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If you love buying things cheaper online your greatest challenge could be a credit card to use. Nigeria is one community that has problem online with credit card. In fact, it took me over 3 years before I could be able to get my own card. The first time I ever got to shop online I had to pay through bank wire transfer and I paid over $60 in bank charges, even my seller insisted I must pay their own bank charges too, which was about $17, while my bank demanded that I maintain minimum of $100 in the account its procedure for maintaining a domiciliary account with the. All that cost me extra $177. Now imagine if what I bought was just worth $25 – that means I had to expend $202 just to buy something of $25. It can be that bad.

But when I got a MasterCard it took away all those expense and stress I had to go through I didn’t tell you how I go to bank regularly to till forms for my wire transfer. Sometimes it could take about 5 days before one transfer could be successful, while with my MasterCard I order now, pay now and my order is processed now and shipped to me. It its domain name I bought, for example, that means I will get it immediately. No belay, no stress, just that easy.

A lot of internet marketers are eager to know how to get their own master card in Nigeria. Here is how I got mine, Remember, several Nigerian banks now offer master card. So, you can even check with your bank before you decide using my own bank. I got mine from Zenith Bank and I think it’s about the easiest I have noticed. It took only 48 hrs to activate but I got the card the same day I applied at the bank.

These are the requirements:

1) Drivers license or international passport

2) Minimum of $120 dollars

3) Passport photographs (optional) but go with it.

4) Utility bill (Also optional)

5) Application number or the document issued to you when you first applied on the bank’s website.

Note if you already have an account with Zenith Bank, them those requirements, passport photo and utility bill may not be required.

Wait! Of what use is s MasterCard if not to shop online. Here is my step by step guide on how to import cheap product d from china. The manual is N10,000 – but if you quote this discount number (#123) You will get it for only N4,999 this month.

So Hurry now this offer expires at the end of this month call 07033861791to order now. For quick order – pay into the back account provided below and email us your details to receive it now. For quick order – pay into the bank account provided below and email us your details to receive it now.

Step 1

Go to to apply for your own MasterCard. The Zenith MasterCard is known as web surfer card.

Step 2

You will need your driver’s license or international passport number when applying online.

Step 3

After entering all the details online and submitted, the site would open a page that contains the websurfer account number.

Step 4

Print out this page. It’s advisable you print it out. But in case you have any challenge in doing so, quickly copy that number in order not to lose it. That number is what forms part of your web surfer account and you require it in serious cases.

Step 5

Change your naira to dollars at the nearest bureau do change. You need a minimum of 420 to open the account. The bank will automatically take $20 as annual fee for the card while you have the balance of $100 for your shopping. However, if you have more dollars or your shopping plan in above $100, simply pay in all the money while opening the account. The bank changes extra $5 each time you want to record the card.

Step 6

Take all the requirements to the nearest Zenith bank office near you and request to open a websurfer account. Note that some branches may not have the MasterCard plastic card available and may recommend you to another Zenith Bank branch. But if you are having any problem trying all opening the account you can email; The Company can help you obtain one at a fee.

Step 7

After processing and accepting your application Zenith Bank will issue you with a MasterCard instantly while the card might take up to 48 hour to be activated and you start shopping online.

I hope the information helpful to you. If you have any question or comment so contact me. Also you can visit our

How to use your Zenith master card:

Now that you have mastercard, you will want to use on websites to buy goods. Yes, you can use it on any site where there is Master Card logo on it. However, you may have some problems with some sites that don’t like credit cards from Nigeria. If you have any such case of your credit card purchase being rejected because you are from Nigeria, don’t worry. Simply write a letter to the owners of the website explaining to them that you are the owner of the master card that was rejected. Show them proof like your driver’s license or international passport, and give details of the issuing bank and ask them to contact the bank for verification.

I know some people advise the use of foreign IP. But remember that would cost you money also. For how long would you continue to hide? Since the card is yours and it’s not stolen you can make your case with the company and they will quickly apologize and accept your payment. Note that the only reason they don’t accept credit cards from Nigeria is because they are afraid that it may have been stolen from some else. But since it’s yours, let them know it’s yours.

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