Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Friend,

From the Desk of Oladipupo

We do something sometimes and we do not know the major reason why we do them, so are you blaming yourself presently for the course you choose to pursue legitimate money online but all your effort to no avail, no fruit from your labour, so complain about one of my friend, it happens to me in the first six month I heard about internet marketing, fear and procrastination almost kill my dream and goal, to be sincere I am afraid in the first instance to loose a penny online to, infact it kills most thing I setup for myself, Do you that, I register a domain and host it sometimes ago but I could not upload my site, because of fear and procrastination, of how to drive traffic to it and fears of writing genuine articles, infact things go worst until I find the great tools that solve all my problems, so if you have been in my position before or you are still in that situation, I have to congratulate you now, please rejoice because I am giving out bumper pack tools now for almost free called pupobulldozer, what do I have inside pupobulldozer package.

Blogging To The Bank 2010 version: This version of blogging secret generating money like faulty ATM machine since I have been using the step by step explain in this guide, infact visit the clickbank market place and see the actual price, I will not brag here just check the price yourself, but it is included in my pupobuldozer package.

Online Payment Demystified 2010 version: It is all about opening and verifying paypal account, even if your country is banned by paypal, plus step by step how I open clickbank account, you will also get how to secure free and paid US virtual address, UK address, US Phone Number and How to Open US Bank Account and Swiss Bank account like I have my and make N52,000 weekly doing it for other hungry Nigerians, I have also solve another problem for you, you will getting my book on how to change IP Address.

Facebook Arbitrage and Facebook ADD: What do you do in facebook daily, common be sincere with me you do go there to chat and place Jersey having your name and Number you desire, and some other things, rethink now, you can position yourself as Facebook Consultant, just like I have done I have create many for different politician, creating avenue for them to campaign and even a lot of other celebrity want someone who will manage their facebook site, imagine if you are the one managing Fan Page of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan plus you using this to drive thousand of traffic to your site, ok if I have your attention worry not step by step reveal inside.

Domain Gold Package: This is the money making machine I am using to earn money like selling real land at the populated area, So far I have registered 19 unique domain names, and presently as at the time I am typing this at exactly 12:20am I have another 11 domain registered and working to increase it to hundred, no wonder my to do the magic I register my domain through that site.

Affiliate Gold Package: I have more than 10 different ebooks on affiliate Marketing that I do consult daily, infact they are wonderful because I can’t do without them, I will not mention their names here now, one of them contain Two Strategy You Can Implement Now and You Will Make up to $1000 daily

Google Adsense Pack Gold: With this, I rake $140 daily, now who say it is so difficult to earn money through google Adsense, common the guru are using it to rake thousand of dollar daily, with this package, You Don’t need blog, You Don’t need a website, You Don’t need to sell anything, You Don’t need a US Address, No Network Marketing, No Referall, No Email Processing, No Paypal palava, You Don’t need anything as far as I am concern, I will show you over 65 site where you will earn this money from Google daily. 100% guaranteed

Best System Secret Gold Package: Here is another big secret of earning legitimate money online, just yesterday Fisayo Akinlolu was looking for freelancer who will write fantastic inspirational articles for his newly launched site, common folks what do you think, I apply immediately, because I want to generate more money, already I am making money from over 70 site which I will be showing you plus step by step in this package, common do I here you saying you can write article, folks worry not, I will be giving you one of my software I do use for that purpose as Bonus, okay guys, let me tell you about bumper bonuses included now:

1. How To Earn $200 daily From Social Networking

2. Mass article control: This software is fantastic infact I dove my hat for it, it can re-create one article into 1000 different unique articles in less than 28 seconds. Okay folks, if you are doubting go to the site, the software alone cost $77 dollar, But if you are among the first 27 that will invest to get pupobumper pack I will give you free. So just pay N1,170 now for product worth N270,000

3. Dominating Clickbank

4. The 5 Step Method For Making $10,000 Online Monthly

5. Blog Farm Secret

6. How To Make $10k From CPA Offers

7. Nich Over Drive

8. The Expert Guide To Article Marketing

9. Profitpraxis, Commission Blue Print

10. Free Zain Browsing 247

ithout saying a word I told you at the onset that I want to help my friends with this package that will change their entire life, I mean it, this offer is for limited time, common I don’t need to over price like other guru, I earn money online, so just buy my provision with that token to maintain body and soul, so do not wait because immediately I have 27 people I remove the bonuses attached, okay folks you want to know how to order, wise step

CALL 07033861791 or 07059967540

Bank Name: GTB

Bank Name: Oladipo Olatunji F

Account No: 4064423811590

After payment send your details: Name, Email, GSM No to number above, then I will rush in your package immediately after payment confirmation

Ps. This offer is for limited time so make one time investment of N1,170

Pps. Price will increase after 27 order, I mean it, rush now and place your order



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